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Cambodia Drugs

Eversince i came and am living in this country for 6 years westerners get asked on every corner always the 3 same questions. It normally starts with a "Hello you want Tuk Tuk", goes to "You want Lady", and leads to "You need something". Now even for that a naive person as me and several others coming here not that hard to find out about the "something" The more undiscrete ones asking it are straight replacing the "something" with words as "Opium", "Cocaine" and "Heroine".

Cambodia Drugs - The wrong drugs find you

When coming here you won't have to find the drugs, they will find you on every corner. Some people head for a line cocaine and should be aware that often it won't be cocaine but heroine instead because of the close distance to Golden Triangle and cheaper price over here compared by coke. And some of the people are not aware about that and end up with certain side effects. Death because of overdose.

Cambodia Drugs - Not write too much about

Now before i challenge myself again and go any further than that i better try to get a couple second opinions about how far to go and stay on the safe side with it. It is just another topic i should not even write about. I hope it will help some of those thought about to start with it here or planned to run in troubles. It's easy to get it here and common because many people seem to do it....but remember there must be a reason, why it's illegal. When you see zombie and other desinterested relaxed faces for years here you start to understand the reason why it got illegal in certain countries. Just because a government tries to protect people from their own! And even those achieve to stop with it are mostly glad about finally. The question just is, if they stopped early enough with it. The biggest problem in Asia is not called cocaine or heroine, which is quite common as well here because of the close distance to the Golden Triangle. The biggest problem in Asia is called Ice. Another form and name of it is Yaba and some will have heard about Meth or Methamphetamines. Estimated 30mio people are addicts of it in Asia. It's the power partydrug and often used by hard workers and prostitutes. And it's all around but usually noboby taking it is talking about.

Cambodia Drugs - Info

  • Marijuana: Smoked on every corner.
  • Heroine: Quite common and plenty of addicts are living here because of it's purity and cheap price.
  • Opium: Another Golden Triangle pharmacy available as well as in a supermarket.
  • Cocaine: Often replaced with Heroine because of it's cheaper price to unaware people.
  • Crystal Methamphetamine (Ice): The thing every party lion seems to take which is not aware where it ends!
  • Jaba: Mix of Meth, Caffeine and sometimes up to 8% Heroin. Produced in hundreds of labs in Burma's golden triangle region and coming over Chiang Rai area into Thailand.

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