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John Ging, Director of UNRWA operations, said that three shells had landed at the perimeter of the school. He said Israel knew it was targeting a UN facility. 40 civilians killed.
Farah is a young girl from Beit Lahia, a city located in the Gaza Strip, close to the Israeli border and in the midst of much of the turmoil that occurs in the area.

Farah's mother, grandfather, aunt and three uncles were all killed in the same attack that injured Farah, causing her severe third-degree burns on parts of her body.

To see a part of you leave is very disheartening, especially to know the challenges that she will face in the future.

The Palestine Children's Relief Fund was able to help Farah, securing her safe passage from Gaza and sponsoring her travel and treatment in San Diego, California. With her grandmother accompanying her, Farah is hosted by different Arab-American families in the city as part of the arrangement.

While staying with her first host family, Farah is being examined by a plastic surgeon - a difficult process for a child surrounded by unfamiliar faces.

A month later she is taken in by a new family - the Jubrans.

Former nurse Amal Jubran is a Lebanese Christian, born in Haifa. Throughout her nine-month ordeal, the whole Jubran family becomes very attached to Farah as she makes great strides in both her recovery and development as a child.

When she returns to her family in Gaza, Amal finds it hard to move on; but almost three years later, she seizes the opportunity to visit Farah - only to have her worst fears realised.

Farah has readjusted to life in Gaza with her new stepmother and extended family and doesn't appear to remember Amal or her time in California at all. Amal is also not satisfied with the follow-up care or general lifestyle Farah is being afforded back in her hometown.

Are Amal's expectations too high? And is contentment a subjective emotion?

Source: Al Jazeera
Filmmaker: Farheen Omar
27 Jul 2016